Tools I Use To Run My Business

Tools I Use To Run My Business

Here's a list of products I use for building With Jack. Being a bootstrapped business I try to keep my expenses lean. This means that—if I'm using something and it's listed here—I probably really like it. (Some of these are affiliate links.)


I use Transistor for hosting my podcast about bootstrapping a business as a solo founder in the insurance space. Transistor stores your MP3 files, generates your RSS feed, hosts your podcast's website and helps you distribute your show to the world.


ConvertKit is what I use for email marketing. I've started using it to keep in touch with customers, but it also powers my personal newsletter.


I'm a creative. I hate dealing with receipts and accounts related to business! Fortunately, FreeAgent makes it simple for me and the dashboard gives me an at-a-glance overview of the health of my business.


This is what I use to track my sales funnel. Who has got a quote? What stage are they at? How many deals have I lost? It's a drag and drop interface similar to Trello. I'll never tire of dropping a deal into the 'won' table.


Knowing your customer should be your number 1 priority in business. I use Iterate to speak to Jack's customers. They've just launched so are rolling out new features all the time. I've only used the survey functionality so far, but there's even more useful features.

Canon 5D MKIV

My videos (or if we're being YouTube-y, my 'vlogs') documenting my journey are captured on my Canon 5D MKIV. I bought this camera when my insurance paid out after my house was burgled. I also use it for photographing weddings at the weekends, which is what's funding the development of With Jack.

Rode microphone

Decent sound for a reasonable price. I'll take it! This is what I use for my videos as the built-in microphone on the Canon isn't great.


I'm still unsure if live chat is necessary. Not a lot of people use live chat on With Jack, but for those that do I have Olark set up. I found it to be one of the few affordable live chat solutions for a bootstrapped startup.


The bread and butter of any insurer's website is their quote system. Formisimo shows me the number of drop-offs and where in the form people are losing interest. You can use this data to improve your form. We're rebuilding Jack's quote system, so Formisimo has helped us make certain decisions.


How did I ever live without Zapier? A friend introduced me to this and now I want to automate all the things. I currently use it to connect Pipedrive with ConvertKit. When I win a deal in Pipedrive, Zapier automatically adds their email to my customer newsletter on ConvertKit. I'm sure I'll find more zaps to make.