The Transition From Shared Studio To Home Office

It’s almost a year to the day I made the transition from home office to shared studio, after a solitary and monotonous 8 years of working from home. 12 months of renting a desk in a co-working space has since passed, yet I’ve found myself back at square one—working from my home office.



The most obvious factor is cost. I’ve just launched a new business, it will be a while before I have dispensable income for non-essentials. Going back to my home office has saved me £200 per month, plus the cost of buying coffee and indulging in Marks and Spencer at lunch.

Exercise and Diet

What I initially cited as an advantage of working from a studio—the 4 mile round walk—developed into a drawback. Despite the 2 mile commute to and from the studio, this 70 minute walk ate into gym time, meaning I found it difficult including the gym in my daily routine. Working from home, a mere 0.50 miles from my gym, means I can go whenever I like.

Although diet isn’t as important a factor here—and certainly didn’t contribute to my decision—I found working in an office to be detrimental to my diet. People would bring in cakes and biscuits to share, almost daily. It turns out that I find it difficult to say no (to food).


With my recent change in job, I’ve found the direction of my work has shifted, too. I’m now doing more writing…and even a weekly podcast! Both of these tasks require privacy, or at the very least, quietness. What was once a meeting room available for booking use of is now an office, so there’s no space to use for tasks requiring peace or privacy.


It’s taken me a year of working from a shared studio to appreciate the convenience of working from home. Although I follow a schedule for my work (a recent development after discussing time management on Working Out podcast), I’m enjoying the time flexibility and non-existent commute, as well as the reduced expense.

I don’t see myself working from my home office for another 8 years, but for the time being I’m happy to be back. My main concern would be combating cabin fever, but as I have been going through an introverted phase for the past while, I’m not overly concerned about socialising. If the need does arrive, I’ll simply take advantage of Glasgow’s numerous tech and web meet-ups.

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