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How I improved my sign-up rate by 14%

Hello, friends!

Before I spend my Friday evening playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands, I thought I'd share how we improved With Jack's sign-up rate by 14%.

Speaking to customers helps me identify problems. The talented designers I work with create solutions to solve those problems. This means that 40% of the people who get a quote from With Jack now become customers!

I share the tweaks we've made to the customer journey to achieve this.

Improving With Jack's sign-up rate by 14%.

Other Tidbits

  • I spoke to From Zero to Grow about growing With Jack organically. I talk about getting customers on a shoestring budget (and marketing experiments that have failed).
  • Next week I'll insure my 200th freelancer—if traction doesn't suddenly dip! This is big news. Not only is it an exciting metric to hit, but it also happens to be my Dad's birthday. He's the whole reason I got into insurance, so I'm hoping to celebrate this milestone on his birthday.
  • Off-topic, but I'm really digging Wildlands on PlayStation 4 right now. I've been pushing hard at work and the gym, and my mind and body is giving up in the evenings. I'm too tired to read, but I'm enjoying the escapism from gaming.
  • This week I was visiting my old high school to talk at 'I Can Do Anything Day'. This entailed a 20 minute talk x 4 for different classes about working in the tech sector. When I asked who had applied for the computing class, it was wonderful to see so many girls raise their hands.

Time to jump out of helicopters in Wildlands. Have a great weekend!