Glasgow Has A New Tech Hub

Glasgow has always lacked a central location for tech people to gather, to work, to hack. It seems to be something every other city has—even our neighbour, Edinburgh.

Last year, I started thinking about how I’d love to create that space.

Around the time I was having these thoughts, Michael happened to write a blog post on the exact same thing. Where is the heart of the Glasgow tech community?

I’d never spoken to Michael before, but I had to let him know I 100% agreed with him and would do what I could to make it happen. As it turned out, I wasn’t the only person to respond favourably to Michael’s blog post. This was the validation we needed to create the space.

That space is less than a week from becoming a reality.

Our New Office: A Renovated Shipyard

I can’t take any credit for getting to this point. Michael—although he’ll likely disagree due to modesty—did all of the hard work. He was back and forth between a few potential spaces in Glasgow (I’m so glad we ended up with this space), negotiating, crunching numbers. It was a lengthy, and sometimes frustrating, process.

Over 10 of us will be moving into this space come Monday, but we do intend on growing the community. If you’re working on a tech business in Glasgow, why not join us?

Did I mention it’s a renovated shipyard? It’s a renovated shipyard! For anyone who is interested in the history, that’s what Wikipedia is for, right?

Here’s what I plan on doing in the space:

  • Daily Insurance by Jack work. Most of my 9-5 workload is spent on Insurance by Jack. I’ll be using this space Monday-Friday to do all of my usual work.
  • Ask Jack videos. I’m starting a new Q+A series called Ask Jack, where I respond to a business insurance question every week with a video. The new open-plan space is perfect for recording these videos.
  • Glasgow Photo Walk workshops. Now I have space to work from again, I’ll be using it to teach my own photography workshops, as well as invite other photographers into Glasgow to host their own.
  • Studio photography. I’m not huge into studio photography, but I’d like to subsidise my rent by using the space for a bit of photography work. Also, since seeing Holly’s product photography, I’m inspired to try product photography and now have a space to use creatively.
  • Business events. We’re keeping part of the space dedicated to hosting events, mini-conferences and meet-ups.
  • Building products. There are many smart people in this building, perhaps they can help me up my coding game? Or maybe there’s collaboration opportunity somewhere. Either way, I expect to be fully inspired working from here.

Here are the businesses the space is opening with:

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Ashley is building With Jack, business insurance on a first name basis. She likes video games, photography, and her dog, Indie. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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