My Baby

I have finished building the initial version of my first app, Lodger. Of course, I use the word “finished” loosely. I don’t think my work will ever be done, and the very reason I’ve yet to officially announce it is because I still find myself using the app and scrutinising every detail. Every detail, including syntax indentations.

This goes against the lean start-up, agile software sentiment that dominates every software-related article / book I have read as of late. “Build it quickly. Build it roughly. Get it out there. Coffee.”

I’m portraying myself as a perfectionist, which I am anything but. I am a messy girl – my hair is messy and my work is messy. But this experience of working on Lodger has been different. It’s my baby, and an exercise in learning to program and execute. Yet I’m not proud of it. It doesn’t do much. Even if it did do much, I likely still wouldn’t be proud of it.

In a nutshell, I have found building Lodger to be tough (and I’m not just referring to building a working web application with minimal programming experience), yet this isn’t even the beginning. No. Next comes the marketing and acquiring users, optimising the app’s performance, customer satisfaction and ensuring this product makes me money. What a learning curve this will be, yet I fear it is all for nothing (I’ve been warned landlords are slow to adopt new technology).

Anyway, tomorrow I will use and stare at my app. I will make some minor tweaks and then stare at it some more. But then I will roll it out to the next 10 people on my list. And rinse, repeat.

Is it meant to be this difficult? Am I meant to feel this apprehensive about unleashing it to the public?

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