Speaking At Web Dev Conf

Speaking At Web Dev Conf

Last week I gave my talk, Idea to Execution and Beyond, at Web Dev Conf in Bristol.

Side note: Web Dev Conf is one of the friendliest and funniest conferences I’ve attended. It’s an annual event, so make sure you attend next year.

This was the first time I’ve delivered this talk. My aim was to give a high-level view of building and launching something, drawing from my experience of building With Jack.

I covered the idea stage, build process, what to expect when you launch and what happens after you launch. Specifically, I spoke about topics such as idea validation, embracing transparency, shipping anxiety and customer development.

You can see the slides from my talk on SpeakerDeck.

Speaking at Web Dev Conf

Here are the resources I mentioned in my talk:

I compiled a Storify of the event and made a YouTube video of the experience.

10/10. Would Web Dev Conf again.

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