Introducing My Startup Diary

Introducing My Startup Diary

Vlogging has been on my mind for a while. I had a YouTube channel in a past life when I was a gamer. I stopped because I fell away from gaming—and because the YouTube community hated me (but that’s what happens when you’re a female gamer).

I already had the kit I needed to get started with Vlogging because I do photography. A camera that shoots video, lenses, a tripod… Let’s go!

I wanted to record a diary of sorts. A behind the scenes of building With Jack. Real, honest insights—even on days when things aren’t going well. Building a business isn’t always dollar bills falling from the sky, you know.

I’ve been enjoying Justin Jackson and Noah Kagan’s YouTube channel. They focus on business and building products, and Justin films the occasional vlog.

I thought I could offer a different persepctive as a solo, female founder bootstrapping a business in Scotland. Not only that, but the UK insurance industry isn’t very transparent. Nobody is really sharing the process of building an insurance business, warts and all.

My Startup Diary is now on YouTube and updated weekly. If you like it, please become a subscriber!

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Ashley is building With Jack so you can be a confident freelancer. She likes video games, photography, and her dog, Indie. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Glasgow, Scotland