What Channels Drive The Best Quote Conversions?

What Channels Drive The Best Quote Conversions?

When writing a recent business plan for an underwriter, I had to dive into Google Analytics to gauge what channels convert best for With Jack. This is something I should do regularly, I know, but juggling everything as a solo founder is hard.

Conversions are based on the number of quote completions. People who haven’t just clicked ‘Get a Quote’, but have supplied all of the requested information to receive a formal quote.

Top 10 Converting Channels
  1. Google / Organic
  2. The Future of Web Forms
  3. Twitter
  4. Business Health Check-up Tool
  5. Designer News
  6. This blog
  7. Email
  8. Facebook
  9. Web design galleries
  10. Instagram

Let’s take a closer look at how I’m utilising some of these channels.

Google / Organic

I used to struggle with knowing what content to write, but I now have a better idea of what’s helpful to my audience of freelancers. I learned this through;

  1. A neat trick from Tiny Marketing Wins on researching what customers want
  2. Asking them! Whether we’re having coffee or chatting via email, I explore what confusions freelancers have about business insurance and pay attention to the questions they ask

I explore common questions freelancers have regarding insurance, then I create a blog post or landing page around it. Insurers focus their content on more traditional industries, so freelancers in the digital sector still have a lot of confusion about insurance.

Recently I decided to focus a lot more on writing. It’s clearly effective in converting to quotes, and the bonus is that it costs only my time.

By following the above practices, I add my research to a Google Doc and highlight what would make a good landing page or blog post. Then I start writing.

The document I use for my content research
The document I use for my content research

By doing this I’ve built a decent backlog of content ideas. All of it is relevant to my audience and is questions they’re explicitly asking or terms they’re searching for online. Win-win.

Business Health Check-up Tool

A while back I conducted a survey of freelancers. The results highlighted that some don’t treat freelancing like a business. No contracts, no insurance. Yikes.

Many freelancers could be doing a better job of protecting their business, so I made this business health check-up tool.

I covered the importance of monitoring cashflow, having insurance, working with contracts and backing up your work.

If something goes wrong, the reality of freelancing is that there’s nobody to hold accountable. You are your business. If a client’s unhappy, it’s you they’ll be pointing the finger at. It’s a lot of responsibility on one person’s shoulder, which is why I think freelancers should protect themselves.

While this tool hasn’t driven as much traffic as I’d have liked (partly down to my poor marketing effort), the leads it has sent have been high quality and converted to quotes. It’s With Jack’s 4th best channel for conversions.

Investing in building tools like this—which are useful to my audience—makes more sense than throwing money away on ads. Even Hiten Shah says so.

Designer News

If I was to make a list of places my target market hang out, it would look something like this (in no order):

  • Designer News
  • Product Hunt
  • Reddit
  • Hacker News
  • Twitter
  • Dribbble

Designer News drives a lot of traffic. The downside is that it’s time sensitive. Your submission will get buried quickly, so it isn’t evergreen traffic.

Jack’s been featured on Designer News a few times. When we launched, for a landing page I created, with the business health check-up tool and also for a paid slot.

I was surprised the traffic it’s sent my way converted so well. When I send customers their policy documents, I ask how they heard of With Jack. Designer News has been cited on a few occasions.

It isn’t an immediate conversion. They see the name, they bookmark us for later.

This also ties into the channels I covered above (the business health check-up tool and organic content). To take advantage of Designer News’ audience, I have to keep creating useful tools or content to help my audience.

It’s worth mentioning that the second best converter, The Future of Web Forms, is curious users. I don’t think any of them have become paying customers and that’s OK. I welcome people to check out With Jack.

The channels that drive the best quote conversions will change as the business develops. I’m learning as I go along and there are still many avenues I haven’t explored.

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