Tools I Use

Tools I Use

Psst. I keep an updated list of this over at my tools page.


Pipedrive was recommended to me by Justin Jackson. It’s the tool I use to track my sales funnel.

Who’s got a quote? Have they received the risk questions? What deals have I won? All of this is logged in Pipedrive.

Using Pipedrive to track Jack's sales funnel
Using Pipedrive to track Jack's sales funnel

My sales funnel looks like this:

Lead In > Contact Made > Quote > Risk Questions

Since Jack launched I’ve processed 70+ quotes, all of which are at various stages in the funnel. On average it takes 5 days to close a sale. I’d be lost without a means of tracking quotes.

Cost: £120 per year

Custom-built CRM

Scott has been a dream to work with. Not only did he design and build Jack’s quote form, but he created a CRM tool to integrate it with. He’s one talented guy. Hire him.

This is where all of the quote data lives. I’m notified when new quotes come in and each one is assigned a unique code.

Jack's custom built CRM tool
Jack's custom built CRM tool

If the customer wishes to progress to the next step, I can send the risk questions from the CRM tool. The unique code tracks who has answered them.

We built this on a shoestring budget. It’s super lightweight and very much a MVP, but it does what I need it to do—no bells and whistles.


Next year I’ll be processing quotes and issuing cover instantly online. In the meantime, there are a couple of extra steps involved with manually processing cover.

Every customer has to sign a ‘Statement of Fact’ document once they purchase insurance. I forward this to the insurer.

Imagine a digital insurance company needing you to print, sign and return a form in the post? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Fortunately, DocuSign takes the pain out of signing documents.

Cost: £183.60 per year

Invoice Machine

Lastly, if everything goes to plan the insurer (and I) need to get paid.

I’ll earn between £35 - £52.50 commission depending on the premium. Premiums for web designers / developers are quite small, so I’m averaging about £40 per sale.

Cost: $12 per month

Jack’s only been live for a couple of weeks, so I’m still testing the water as to what apps work for me. If you have any alternative suggestions or know of any tools that would make my life easier, let me know on Twitter.

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